Windy days at Withyhook

So yesterday was incredibly windy.  In fact it was reminiscent of Cyclone Warning days when I was growing up in far north Queensland.  Well other than the distinct lack of heat and palm trees!!  As I'm on this journey of keeping a firm hold of my memories and ordinary moments I thought it best to document this as well.  My first instinct was to use the trees to showcase the weather - but there weren't enough leaves on trees to get a true idea.  So instead I turned the camera on myself -  normally a last resort - I'm one of those ones who hate having their picture taken.  But lately (really since being a part of Dare)  I'm finding I'm making myself doing so many more things that make feel a bit uncomfortable - only to find the rewards so much greater.

As I edited these images I realised a couple of things.

a) I really don't look at myself properly in the mirror - just enough to add a bit of mascara and make sure there isn't anything in my teeth b) my hair is really quite red at the moment! c) my face is a bit crooked!  It's either my nose or my mouth that's out of kilter - but they don't quite line up!  I wonder if this is the same for everyone! d) none of the above really bother me!!

NB - all natural earthly elements used for the below images - other than the hair colour!!  No wind machines or hair dryers used!!