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YOBs Sailing - TS Pelican

As part of YOBs (youths on Boats - c/o Weymouth Sailing Club) a tour was organised on TS Pelican.  The tour was fab and very informative - the Crew were especially patient with some of the more random questions thrown their way! - I think we all learnt a new thing or 2!!  (Full Gallery & Downloads here) D62B0124D62B0125D62B0127D62B0128D62B0130D62B0133D62B0135D62B0144D62B0145D62B0147D62B0149D62B0151D62B0153D62B0154D62B0156D62B0159D62B0162D62B0163D62B0164D62B0170D62B0171D62B0172D62B0173D62B0176D62B0177D62B0178D62B0182D62B0187D62B0189D62B0190D62B0192D62B0194D62B0198D62B0202D62B0207D62B0209D62B0211D62B0213D62B0215D62B0222D62B0225D62B0230D62B0234D62B0236D62B0245D62B0250D62B0253D62B0255D62B0256D62B0259D62B0262D62B0263D62B0264D62B0267D62B0268D62B0272D62B0275D62B0277


Shooting Strangers - Dionne - Bournemouth Portrait Photography

Windy days at Withyhook