straight outta dorrr-sut

The life and times of Connie-Gebonnie for 3 weeks down-under featuring T5 and Bear!
And bearing in mind that the first 20 or so images were all taken between 11.30pm and 2am!!


So the next few images are made up of 'Carols in the Park' with a fireworks display that we were sitting quite literally right under - one landed on our blanket!!  Also featuring is my sister and her 2 daughters who had arrived from Toronto that afternoon!  

After that is a trip to Queen Victoria Markets in the city, with a snack of Churro's (of course!), a bit of pulled pork for lunch and then a very snazzy ice-cream from  Dex2Rose!!  We played, what we like to call, Where's The Yawner!  Feel free to join in!

This next section is based in Merimbula, NSW at my Mum and Dad's 'beach' house!  We started off as 6, and progressed to having 19 in the house!!    Connie fit right in and even mastered the art of making proper coffee for my dad!  This, is no mean feat!!  And although we hit a kangaroo on the way there (and narrowly missed 2 others AND a wombat) no other animals were harmed in these images.  She managed to see lots of fauna - echidna, banjo shark, octopus', rainbow parrots.  She also mastered (well nearly - kind of, ok, not really at all ) surfing and she and Ashley managed to scare the crap out of themselves (and everyone else on the beach!!) and get caught in a current!  A good lesson learned that day!!  All in all, it was a bloody good week.