Want to know how I get all these awesome pics?


For the most part you won't even notice me.  I'm a natural born people watcher and I've found that people are at their most uninhibited when they don't know they're being watched - or snapped!
I've honed my ninja skills so finely now, that when you get your pics back, you'll wonder how on earth I got them!


I don't use the word pose!  It scares the crap out of people.  I just offer a small amount of direction.  It's generally as easy as 'hey - there's some awesome light - just go and stand in it for a bit and tell each other sweet nothings and/or dirty jokes!'
That's it really - too easy.


Man, if you think my ninja skills are on point - wait till you see me multi-tasking on the dance floor!   I love nothing more to get right in amongst it and get those dance floor action shots - these shots might not go on your wall - but they will definitely be the ones that you think of for the rest of your life!