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If this sounds like the deal for you - there's just a few more requirements to fulfil...

  • this offer is a way for us creatives to give a little bit back - to a well deserving/worthy couple.  For a couple for whatever reason are not in a position (and not just because you've just bought a house... congrats by the way... but not what we're looking for) to organise a wedding for themselves, but are desperate to be married.... 
  • you need to available either Thursday 30th or Friday 31st August 2018
  • you can't go and spend $1000's on new outfits...(if you're NOT wearing a dress ;) ) ideally you'll have a favourite outfit in your cupboard, or you're thrift shop savvy and for you it's just really about being able to marry the love of your life
  • you need to be willing to give over the creative licence to some kick arse vendors....  ( of course we'll not make you do anything you really hate the idea of - we definitely work to incorporate your personalities... )
  • you're happy to have your images splashed all over the WORLD - well at least the internet and social media - so yeah, the world!
  • you're a real couple - and not just after some kick ass images for your portfolio ( if that's what you're after, let me know and we can work together on another project)
  • you're friends of a real couple who you feel really really deserve a break in life.
  • this offer doesn't include travel expenses of if you want to 'over night it' near the ceremony location...

still good to go?  
just fill out the form and let's do this!

*** the couple with the best suitability &/or story will be selected by 'the team' ***

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